So happy to have found Lynn at Pristine Cleaning!

I was very fortunate to have found Lynn when searching for a cleaning service. I had tried 3 cleaners during my search: one was an independent who limited her time whether my home was clean or not; the other two were the well known services that I’m sure we have all tried at one time or another. All of them left with many things still dirty. The two services weren’t even able to clean the floor properly. Then the designer who managed my kitchen renovation recommended that I try the cleaner he hires for post renovation jobs. And that was the end of my search. Even with my two large, drooley, and sometimes muddy dogs, she manages to leave my floors, as well as the rest of my home, immaculate. I am always confident in Lynn’s work and would recommend her services to any of my friends and family. It can be difficult to allow someone access to your home but Lynn is fastidious is her work and wonderfully trustworthy. She has become very important to me both for her work and her friendliness.